The lactation team at TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center’s birth center was thrilled to receive news from Mother’s Milk Bank of Austin that the hospital’s Milk Depot collected more than 14,765 ounces of breast milk to be donated to babies in 2020.  That equates to more than 1,800 standard eight-ounce bottles of milk!  Mother’s Milk Bank of Austin sent special recognition to The Birth Center team for working with 15 donors to provide the outstanding donation. 

Milk collections sites like the Milk Depot at TriStar Hendersonville collect donated breast milk that can be shared with fragile babies who need it to thrive.  TriStar Hendersonville is one of four milk depot locations in Tennessee that safely collect and ship donated breast milk to the Austin Milk Bank for processing, pasteurization, and redistribution to hospitals across the country, including TriStar Hendersonville’s NICU, which serves Sumner and the surrounding counties.