Proactive screening procedures implemented at all hospital entrances to reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses like flu, COVID-19

TriStar StoneCrest Medical Center is continuing to follow CDC guidelines to better protect our patients, staff and visitors. Over the past several weeks, hospital leaders have been taking proactive steps in preparation for the potential spread of COVID-19 including regular communications with local and state public health officials, monitoring and conserving the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and reinforcing effective environmental cleaning policies to support infection control.

In addition to preparedness processes already in place, TriStar StoneCrest will be implementing new screening protocols at all hospital entrances as a proactive measure to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses.

The safety of our patients, visitors and staff is top priority. This new protocol is in response to evidence-based CDC guidelines to help prevent further spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses. We feel these measures are appropriate to keep our patients, visitors and community safe.

Medical Center Entrance Policies

  • Patients and visitors will be directed to use either the Main Hospital Entrance or the Emergency Room Entrance of the hospital where they will be screened for signs of illness before being admitted to patient care areas.
  • Individuals 16 years of age and younger are restricted from visiting the facility. Siblings of patients are also restricted from visiting the facility.
  • Screening personnel will ask questions about recent travel, fever, and any respiratory symptoms.
    • If a patient has symptoms of illness, are required to wear a “cover your cough” mask and then admitted to the patient care area for further assistance.
    • If the visitor has symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath, or illness, are restricted from visiting the facility.
  • Only one visitor/support person allowed per patient. Additional family or friends will be restricted from waiting in the waiting areas.
  • Please feel free to use alternate methods of communication to connect to your loved one, such as calling, video chatting, or texting.

Physician’s Building Entrance Policies

  • Patients and visitors entering the Medical Office Building for appointments will not be screen upon entering.
  • Physician practices may screen patients and visitor at their discretion.
  • Access to and from the Medical Office Building to the Hospital is closed until further notice.

TriStar StoneCrest will also continue our visitation policy that is used during respiratory illness season. If a visitor has any respiratory symptoms or a fever, we ask that they postpone their visit.

TriStar StoneCrest encourages patients to call our Ask-A-Nurse line at (615) 514-0757 with health questions and maintain good hygiene practices like frequent hand washing and maintaining a six-foot-rule around others. To find out more about TriStar StoneCrest Medical Center please visit

Visitor policy

Circumstances may allow for specific exceptions to any visitation restrictions described on this webpage. Those circumstances include religious visitation as well as a designated support person for a patient with a disability to provide assistance with communication or other necessary components of the patient’s treatment. All persons entering under an exception remain subject to appropriate infection control protocols.